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Maker Education Revolution is a book about education in the 21st Century.

I wrote this book because I had to. I needed to organise my thoughts around what a modern educational system should look like. I wrote it so that I could systematise the elements that can help my children, with their special learning requirements, not just cope but to thrive in a world full of opportunities of any kind, but especially learning opportunities. I wrote it for my young self, struggling to keep my love for learning and curiosity alive.

I wrote it for teachers who are dedicated to creating awesome learning experiences for their students. For parents who care not just about their children’s academic achievements, but also for their overall development as happy and creative individuals with their own unique set of passions and curiosities. I wrote it for the learners themselves, who are perhaps discouraged by their experiences in school and wonder if there is another way.

I sincerely hope that this book will help you change your view of what modern education should look like. Because with every successful learning, there is change.

Book details

Maker Education Revolution comes in two versions: ebook and soft cover print.

The ebook version contains files in PDF, mobi and epub format. You can choose to print the PDF version, or use the mobi and epub files with your favourite reading device.

The print version contains 176 black print pages, with a colour cover, at A5 size.